In Connecticut electric generation service is open for competition.  We believe that competition in the marketplace ultimately benefits the consumer.  Our goal is to provide a cost efficient service to our members.  We are working with two different electricity suppliers currently.

Sign Up with Public Power, LLC

Public Power, LLC is currently offering the following rates:

  • 9.39 cents/kwh for 36 months for Eversource customers.
  • 9.73 cents/kwh for 36 months for UI customers.

Rates are available through May 31, 2019.

Click Here to sign up or call us at 860-561-6011.

Sign Up with STARION Energy

STARION Energy is currently offering the following rates:

  • 9.99 cents/kwh for 12 months for Eversource customers.
  • 11.09 cents/kwh for 12 months for UI customers

All rates subject to change.

Click Here to sign up or call us at 860-561-6011.

Have your current electricity bill handy and if you sign up for this rate over the phone, please make sure to mention the Citizen's Oil Co-op.

Important Information to Know:

  • Eversource or UI will deliver your electricity, bill for service, and respond to outages.
  • No Early Termination or Cancellation Fee
  • No Enrollment or Sign Up Fee
  • Serving Residential Customers
  • No Contracts

The electricity program through the Co-op is a free service that we offer.  You do not have to be a member of the Oil Co-op to take advantage of this offer.

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