Citizen’s Oil Co-op

Citizen’s Oil Co-op has been dedicated to offering our members throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island lower prices on their energy needs for over 25 years. We look forward to you joining our heating and energy cooperative and can’t wait to help you lower your energy bills!

Heating Oil - Bioheat - Propane - Electric
And Now Insurance, Energy Audits and Solar Energy!

What is Citizen’s Oil Co-op?

Our business model is based on a group of voluntarutility and energy usersWe operate our energy Co-op solely for people in our community. Our goal is simply to use the power of block purchasing to help members of our community save on their energy bills. 

We're on your side.

Citizen Oil Co-op believes there is power in numbers. Our large membership allows Citizen's Oil Co-op to sign lower priced contracts with participating companies. This same power in numbers allows us to advocate for your needs to these same companies. If you have a problem, we're here to help! Call us today at 860-561-6011.


Through the power of group purchasing, we can save the average home $250 to $300 dollars every heating season. See how much you can save!

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See how Citizen's Oil Co-op gives back to the organizations that you care about and increases their bottom line.

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Going Green

Using bioheat and getting a home energy audit from the Co-op can combine to reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money!

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  • I'm saving cash on oil and electricity with the co-op and in times like this, that keeps me warm and happy!" more...

  • They were able to save me a few hundred bucks a year compared to my old insurance company" more...

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  • The Co-op is awesome and I hope you stay in business forever. more...

  • I always check around on prices and find that the Co-op is consistently exceeding member’s expectations. more...